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Jul 21, 2021

Vince Russo takes you through this week in The Brand as Disco Inferno offends everyone on Twitter, Dave Meltzer embarrasses himself with how he puts over AEW, ODB talks her implant exploding during a match, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love look at dirt sheet writers thinking they understand what goes on backstage in professional wrestling, Billi Bhatti reveals how WWE views Becky Lynch with her impending return, plus Stevie Richards, Bin Hamin, Stevie Ray, and more! Get these programs in full and much more at

Vince Russo's The Brand - "Where the Pros are the Pros" - no agendas, no narratives, only honest opinions from those that have actually been there and done that.  Featuring Angelina Love, Angel Medina, Big Vito & Noel, Billi Bhatti, Bin Hamin, Disco Inferno, Dr. Tom Prichard, Dutch Mantell, Goldy Locks, Jeff Lane, John Poz, Justin Credible, Kevin Sullivan, ODB, Shane Douglas, Stevie Ray, Stevie Richards, Taeler Hendrix, Velvet Sky & more!