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Aug 3, 2021

On today's John Poz vs., it's John Poz vs Brad Shepard. John sits down with the Publisher, Journalist and Editor to talk about his thoughts on WWE, AEW, John Cena, Dirt Sheet writers, Dave Meltzer, Summerslam, today's current product, and so much more! Brought to you by and

Since debuting...

Aug 3, 2021

In kicking off the Re-Branding of The RELM Network, Vince Russo turns to the only place he knows to get wisdom and guidance . . . The Bible. Vince is BLOWN AWAY by God's words when it comes to being an Entrepreneur. Some very, basic fundamentals to being a successful YOU.

Aug 2, 2021

This week Noel is back in PA and she has been hearing Vito is out showing his "swag" at the Grille. Vito wants to know how Noel knows where he was... well she got a text from Friends saying they saw him. This brings up today's debate. Is it ok for your wife/girl's friends to text her when they see you out when she is away?

Jul 30, 2021

John hits rock bottom with the ladies and bangs a 62 year old. Jeff Bezos in space. Jackass Forever trailer and we discuss the show and movies of the past. Rich's new shop opens this week and more. 

Jul 29, 2021

August 28th is (WHD) World Hepatitis Day and Devon Nicholson from The HANNIBAL TV hangs in Goldy's Closet talking about prevention, hepatitis vaccines, and treatments. He shoots on Abdullah The Butcher and cutting him without his consent and some groundbreaking solutions for people with hepatitis Goldy Locks has never...