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Feb 18, 2020

This week on "That's Life", Vince tackles a few battles that all of us encounter in our every day walk. How do we Forgive others who have hurt us? What do I do when I am beginning to doubt myself, questioning my own self-worth? These are daily conversations that we ALL have with ourselves, as Vince offers some words...

Feb 18, 2020

This week's show has a call from an old arch nemesis. Talk about pillow placement. Aliens are everywhere. Buried or cremated? Plus a lot more...

Feb 17, 2020

Big Vito and Noel bring their debate show to the Brand. This week's debate "Who's your daddy"?

Feb 14, 2020

We actually discuss some wrestling this week with Becky Lynch being bit and Cody Rhodes and AEW blowing it. The fat kid Goldberg from Mighty ducks is a meth head. Snoop Dogg threatens Gayle King. Big Josh calls and the boys let 'em have it. This and more on this all new episode!

Feb 13, 2020

It gets WILD in Goldy's Closet with Dan Stockdale, animal trainer, entrepreneur and brand builder to some of the most amazing businesses in the US. He's made more companies boo koo dollars than anyone I've ever known.

Let his stories of smuggling in kangaroos into hotels, lions, tigers and bears Oh My... entertain you....