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Jan 9, 2020

This week in #GoldysCloset we celebrate #boobies! Breastetas, cans, melons and #tattas!
The difference is WE, the WOMEN decided we wanted to do the show celebrating the upcoming summer because we are tired of the cold! Why not PRETEND your on a vacation in the Bahamas on the #VinceRusso #RussosBrand podcast? Bikinis are MORE fun with your gal pals. :-)

While I might be offended from time to time when Howard Stern does the same, it's different when two friends talk about real body issues. We've had them tweaked, twisted and breastfed with them so it is OUR right! Nothing like hanging in the closet with a great friend laughing and being raw & real. Advice for the new year on loving yourself, others, being thoughtful, getting your partner badass gifts and even pathetic Goldy dating stories! Tune in! We love ya!

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