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Aug 31, 2018

In part three of The Art of the Dave Meltzer Spin, Vince Russo looks at Dave's story of Vince being "fired" by TNA for the Mike Johnson email.  What really happened, how did it involve Jim Ross, and why won't Dave admit when he's wrong? Vince does, on this show! Catch all of The Brand VIP content weekly here: 

Aug 29, 2018

Vince Russo and Jeff Lane discuss Rocky Mountain Pro getting rid of a gimmick that FREAKIN' KURT ANGLE personally gave his blessing to, in favor of something generic. Also, the week in The Brand is discussed including WWE SummerSlam thoughts, why didn't Triple H care that his wife Stephanie McMahon got beat up by Ronda...

Aug 27, 2018

Is it worth being truthful even if it means losing friendships? On today's episode of "That's Life", Vince discusses Truth with Consequences---when sharing the truth hurts despite it being necessary for all the right reasons. 

Aug 26, 2018

The Horsemen are back to investigate the strange anomilies that have been put in place by tribal and pagan cultures thousands of years ago. So many questions surround the purpose of these structures and who they represent. Was stonehenge an astrological communication device or calendar? What rituals went on there,...

Aug 25, 2018

This week Foxy, Noel, and guest "dad" Devin Sturgis discuss the last two episodes of "Mis and Mrs." Other topics include the Bella Twins HORRIBLE promo at Summerslam, Total Divas debut in September, and do you think Nikki Bella will "hook up" with some random dude for ratings?