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May 14, 2021

This week in Goldy's Closet we take you into the mind of a narcissistic cold blooded killer who shot his wife 6 times for dead. She survived and wants to tell her story to help others entrapped in harmful relationships get out and do it with a proper exit strategy. Shena's story is one of resilience and triumph and we salute her for coming on the show when it physically hurts her to even speak. Please share this message with as many people as you can to spread the message of you "CAN" get out of a bad situation. Our judicial system has some flaws folks. Let this pod be a wake-up call for sympathy and understanding to those around us going through a sick and unhealthy cycle. See the signs and help. So many of us think we would know what to do in this dire situation, trust me, you wouldn't.

Listen and learn. -Goldy Knows

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