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May 17, 2020

We get some info on who will be directing Mando season 2, and is Darth Maul hating on the Last Jedi? Spiro is for sure happy. What does the Rule of 2 actually mean, and does it really make sense? Guess who’s set to direct a new Star Wars movie??? Oh we are pumped. As usual the cranky-ass Star Wars fans are up in arms demanding Star Wars to “do better” on Twitter. Oh this will be addressed. New series finally announced, is it all female? Doc brings up a Star Wars memory that pisses him off. We go off world on Who’s More OVER and pit Cloud City against Coruscant to see which back drop was better. TaTOYoine looks at a mandalorian item. Get on board the troop transport with the nFo and head into the service of the empire!

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